Swatching for Back to School

Knitpicks Biggo, we meet again.

My step-daughter loves this sweater‘s sheepy-cozy awesomeness, so I have agreed to make her her own.  I have tried to incorporate a few elements that she likes in sweaters:

  • stripes
  • hood
  • turquoise and purple
  • squishiness

It is very fortunate that we like the same colours, as this will make the project that much more enjoyable for me.

Here we have the colour selection that we worked on (and drooled over,) before ordering:


And here we have my second and final swatch for the design, in which I prototyped the following design elements:

  • stripe thickness, order of colours
  • the ribbing pattern
  • the method of picking up the button band, when the RS of the sweater is the WS of stockinette
  • And my favourite experiment of the week…. Machine sewn buttonholes! I have never been brave enough to do this before.  I know I’ve said this before, but Knit.Wear Fall 2012changed…my…life.  If you sew and knit, read the “machine sewing on knits” article in that issue.



Of course I snipped the buttonhole opening too close to the stitching, so I had to repair it by hand, but it was an excellent exercise because I’ll want that repair technique in my back pocket for when I make the same mistake on the finished product.  I’ll write up my process in another post, for anyone that is interested in trying this.  This buttonhole process deserves a post of its own, rife with pictures.

Fixing the machine-sewn buttonhole by hand

Fixing the machine-sewn buttonhole by hand

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