Knitpicks Wool of The Andes Superwash

When I heard Knitpicks was launching a machine washable version of one of my favourite wools… Wool of the Andes… I rushed out and bought some.  My stepdaughter gives me a perfect excuse to buy colours that I would not normally buy for myself, but would still like to knit with.  Which brings us to Grass”, “Columbine”, and “Marina”.  These will become a stripey hat experiment.  If it’s too itchy I can just line it with fleece.  Itchiness and shrinkiness are all part of the new wool testing:)

I swatched… then machine washed/dried the swatch.  When I say dried, I mean I cooked that thing in my autoclave of a dryer.

Here is the result:

Swatch of Knitpicks Wool of the Andes Superwash in "Grass", AFTER washing/drying

Swatch of Knitpicks Wool of the Andes Superwash in “Grass”, AFTER washing/drying

There were some irregularities in the fabric that I thought would go away with washing, but did not, as you can see from the images.  I don’t believe this is all that uncommon for Superwash.  I certainly don’t think this is a reason NOT to buy the wool.  I personally have become a little disenchanted with Superwash because in spite of myself, I’ve become a bit of a wool snob.  I find Superwash has a bit of an acrylic texture and has kinks…. leading to the irregularities seen in these swatch.  I guess there’s no free ride.  Beauty in knitwear is inversely proportional to ease of care :)

Regarding itchiness:

I’d say… soft enough to wear with short sleeves, but too itchy to wear over tank tops or to make turtlenecks.

Regarding shrinkage:

30 sts/5.33” = 5.62 sts/1” = 22.5 sts/4”
30 rows/4” = 7.5 rows/1”

Exact same!!!!!!!!!! Wow… that’s never happened.  Impressive.

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