Pouch Night

Tonight’s accomplishment is 4 more pen pouches off my “production line”.

And by the way, if you need gift ideas for a man, my husband makes the most masculine, elegant pens (www.aureliuswood.ca).  See for yourself.

I embroidered his business name in silver metallic thread (using a Janome memorycraft 350E.)  I then pinned my hand-drafted bag pattern onto the fabric so that it was centered on the embroidery.  I cut out the bags: 1 coarse weave outer layer and 1 shiny flanellette lining.  I then assembled the bags, pressed them, and hammered on a snap as a closure.  I am trying to lean out my process for making these, but so far I’m still sitting at 15 minutes per bag, even if I do each operation in batches.

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