My name is Shaulaine (Xiao Lan or ‘Dawn Orchid’ in Chinese.)

I am an engineer by day (Engineering Physics 2004, McMaster) and am deeply interested in my work, but yarn and colour are my personal creative outlet. I knit because there is something very hypnotic about forming stitches and handling beautiful colours, every day.  Since most of what I knit are my own designs, I develop some of them into patterns to share here. I figure if it’s something I want, then someone else might want it too! I have classical, old-fashioned tastes … probably born from a life-long diet of Jane Austen, Dickens and Lucy Maud Montgomery books… But I also admit to a vain love of figure-flattering clothes.  If your tastes run in this vein as well, then you might find something you like on this site. All my patterns are graded in 9 sizes. They are thoroughly test knit, and always supported – just email me if you get stuck!

In addition to patterns, I also dye yarn so that I can enjoy the freedom and luxury of knitting the patterns in the exact palette and fibre I have in my head. I have a particular affinity for untreated BFL in subtle colours and have found it hard to acquire – so here I am dyeing my own, and it’s available for sale here if you’d like some as well:)

I love to sew, embroider, crochet, and leatherwork as well, and find it interesting to hybridize some of these techniques with my primary love of knitting.  Feel free to follow my blog as a I document some of my attempts. 

When I’m not knitting, a lot of my spare time goes into my garden.  I don’t have my dad’s knack of composition (,) but digging, planting, cultivating and inspecting daily growth with a beer in hand, is as addictive as knitting.  My beds are made up mostly of cultivar conifers, perennials (blue in particular:)), several species of japanese maple, and always, always… roses. 

I enjoy a peaty single-malt every day, and whenever I can get away from my work, I love to hike and canoe throughout this very beautiful country.