Shetland Mittens… Starting Over!

Well mitten #1 is complete, but I’m not happy with it.  I’ve re-designed it and re-charted it and am ready to start re-knitting it.  I think I have EXACTLY enough of the “Dewdrop” colourway left to make 2 mittens, based on what my scale says I used for the first mitten.

Things that didn’t work:

1. I don’t like the pattern and colours in the mitten cap, so I’ve redesigned it.

2. I think I picked up too many stitches for the mitten cap.

3. On gloves, I’ve always picked up the thumb from the front of the palm as shown below.  However, this time, I don’t like what the does to the pattern.   It also leaves to wide of an opening at the top for the remaining 4 fingers.  I’ve re-designed the thumb construction, and I think it’s going to work this time!

I tried one really neat trick that I read about on the “Stranded” forum, on ravelry, in 2008.  I can’t find the original post any more, but someone suggested using a crochet hook to crochet the loose ends together.

Here is the result:  Verdict?  Undecided… I think I used too small of a crochet hook.  Let’s see how it goes on the next mitten.

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