Rouge Sheep and Shetland Sheep

Well now that Niagara Snow is done (and I didn’t think that would be possible)… What’s coming up next?  I don’t want to lose momentum, so I am diving straight into my next pattern write-up.

The Rouge Sheep:
These designs name themselves… I’m not fully responsible for these name choices.

This is another 3/4 length coat, in Knitpicks City Tweed HW.  The colourway is “Romance”. It’s worked in pieces, and sewn together at the armhole and side seams.  The front band is picked up afterwards and knit on.  A tall collar stand, (for neck-warming,) is knit separately and then sewn onto the sweater.  The shawl collar is then knit by picking up all the stitches along the top of the collar stand.

Some features I particularly like:

  • The subtle hourglass shaping is worked be decreasing stitches between cables, so the cable pattern gets denser at the waist, and diverges out again at the bust and hips.
  • I tried the triangular sleeve cap shaping advocated by Sally Melville in her latest book:Knitting Pattern Essentials and it made a beautiful set-in sleeve.  This is particularly well suited to cabled sleeves.
  • The cable pattern.  I’ve knit this motif twice now and I still love the relative proportions of the ropes and twists.  If you want to see it in cream, click here.

On a simpler note, these Shetland Dewdrop Mittens will probably be available sooner than Rouge Sheep.  This was one of those items I just designed because we’re half way through winter, I have no mittens, and I need mittens!  I also wanted a small Shetland yarn project to test out the post-washing characteristics of the yarn.  Word on the street is that it blooms and softens and I’m deadly curious to see this for myself.  I also want to observe how the wool wears over time, before make something bigger with the same yarn.  So two birds with one stone:  I get mittens, and I get some yarn characterization done.


  1. My mom who is 86 is knitting this sweater for me she is at the shaping of the sleeves and has lost page 8 of the pattern. I purchased it over a year ago and have deleted the email
    Is there anyway you can send me page 8 or just the shaping of the sleeves for the smallest size.
    Hope you can help
    Many thanks

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