Forks of the Credit 2014

Instead of buying each other Christmas presents, my husband and I indulge ourselves in a post-Christmas trip to Alton, to hike all day in the snow and then eat a ridiculously tasty meal over the waterfall at Millcroft Inn.  We then stay over night in one of the crofts (with real wood fire places!) and stoke up a very toasty, smokey fire for the night:)  There is no heat source quite like a fire place.

This year we hiked through ‘Forks of the Credit’ provincial park.  We went about a week after the massive ice storm that covered Southern Ontario this Christmas.  It was -20C at noon but it was a thoroughly enjoyable 4 hour hike.  To make it better, I found my pictures of the same hike from August of 2010.  So here we have winter and summer shots of the same vistas:  (Three years apart!)

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