Picea Accessories by Linda Choo: Using Up Precious Leftover Yarn

If you are looking for one of those instant gratification projects, in the middle of a long haul through a frustrating project…

OR if you are one of those people that is starting to develop a large horde of leftover precious fibres… 25g here, 50g there… of cashmere, qiviut or any other yarn that you just can’t throw away no matter how small the quantity….

My mom has just released her latest e-book:  Three different accessory patterns called ‘Picea Accessories’.  Visit her ravelry store here, to purchase the pattern.

The Picea Cowl is shown in 3 different yarn weights:  DK, fingering, and laceweight.

What is Picea? Picea Abies (common name ‘Norway Spruce’) is that luminous white tipped conifer in my dad’s garden below… among many many others.  There is a lot of variety in that family of spruces and they are all beautiful in different ways and in different seasons.  My mom talks a bit about her inspiration for this set of Picea designs, in her ravelry group here.

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