Welcome Autumn

Autumn is here at last.  I want to say it is the best season in Canada, but it wouldn’t be true.  All the seasons are quite enjoyable in their own ways and I actually can’t think of one I would could bear to miss!  I’m sure we are just very spoiled by having all 4 of them, and plenty of variety throughout the year.

It has been a productive few months.  Two new patterns have been released since the last update:

Galt Riverstone holds a special significance for me.  This is my home.  Galt is a beautiful, quiet corner of Cambridge and every year it gets a little better.  There is a noted school of architecture here for a reason.  The city is a rich with the impeccable work of the Scottish stonemasons that settled this area, along the banks of the Grand river.  They don’t make cities like this any more.

This is a classic aran coat with all the subtle tailoring touches that make it flattering:  Hourglass waist/hip/bust shaping is worked between the cables.  Set-in sleeves and a collar stand help this sweater sit nicely on the shoulders and hold its shape about the neck.



Galiano Hoodie is knit with a lovely yarn dyed right here in Canada by Rain City Knits.  It looks like a summer garment, but it is very versatile.  You can layer it over a long-sleeved T-shirt and jeans for fall and winter.  This is something I personally love doing because I find sweater sleeves hard to fit inside the sleeves of my winter coats.  Short-sleeves in winter, believe it or not, makes a lot of sense.  The sweater is named after Galiano island.  It is my favourite (so far) of the gulf islands, off the coast of British Columbia. Following the sweater photo, I have added some eye candy from that island, below. I took these photos in September 2010:

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