Where Has the Summer Gone?

Well it looks like the last update was before gardening season started.  The Canadian summer is so short we sometimes forget to come inside and do things like update our blogs.

Here we are at the August long weekend, and are finally doing some long awaited canoeing for which we just haven’t managed to make time until now.

In the mean time, here are some highlights from the past 4 months:

I worked on my garden (not as often as I should have) and got just a little bit closer to “maintenance mode”.  That mythical state of garden in which all you have to do is putter, weed, prune, and divide.  I know now, after 5 years, that it is mythical.  There will always be some new path to lay, some bed to re-shape, or some major transplants required once the small conifers become giant conifers.

And today…

Well I did some canoeing and fishing, and worked on a sweater for my husband for our trip to Scotland this year.  Yarn is Jamieson’s of Shetland Aran weight, 100% shetland wool, natural sheep colour entitled “Mooskit”.

Two new designs are going to be released very shortly so come back soon!

Two more are in the test knit stage and will follow in September.  All 4 are sweaters.

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