Shooting Star Stellina Socks

Earlier this year, I designed a new colour and sock pattern for the Galt House of Yarn 2019 sock club. “Shooting Star” was the July sock. I dyed it on my stellina base – a sparkly, soft superwash merino/stellina/nylon sock yarn. I also designed a textured rib sock pattern – I kept the rib subtle in order to complement the vibrancy of the yarn.

I’m now pleased to say that both the pattern AND the yarn are available to everyone! And by everyone, I do mean everyone… I’ve recently updated my shipping to a discounted flat rate of $10 within Canada, and $20 to the rest of the world, regardless of whether you order 1 skein or a million skeins:)

Download Shooting Star Stellina Sock Knitting Pattern 
Download Now $7.00 CAD
-25% until August 30, 2019.
Free printed copy with yarn purchases before this date.

The name “Shooting Star” is a perfect double-entendre for this colour. The yarn has the ultraviolet glow of a night sky when there’s snow in the air, or when it’s cloudless and starry. It is also the colour of one of my favourite flowers: Shooting Star ( Dodecatheon Maedia.) Here it is in my dad’s garden:

‘Shooting Star’ (Dodecatheon Maedia), from

I had a colour in my head, but it was hard to achieve at first. Pink is not one of my natural go-to colours, but I was trying to explore something new. Look at all the pinks I created before achieving the colour I wanted! In the background you can see a large pile of the final “Shooting Star” that actually went to customers.

As for the sock pattern, this too had many design spins. I re-designed and frogged at least 5 times before I finally realized that this sock needed to be a very simple, subtle, texture in order to avoid competing with the brilliant colour. Here we see one of those “busy” early attempts:

I’m pretty happy with the final texture:

The pattern is written in 3 sizes, and calls for a 2.25mm needle. I typically knit my socks to be dense and squishy. However there is no reason you can’t go up a needle size to knit this pattern:) Just go up one sock size as well.

Hope you enjoy “Shooting Star”! To celebrate its release, the pattern is 25% off until August 30. If you order the yarn between now and September 2019, I will include a free printed copy of the pattern. If you bought the pattern already, but want to order the yarn – just contact me and I will give you your choice of a pattern refund, or another pattern from my pattern page for free:)

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