Summer Knitting

The patterns are still coming, they really are!

The past year was consumed with work, garden and getting married! Today is the last day of our honeymoon (spent at home: the best kind!,) and I spent it the same way anyone would – knitting and designing!

Here are a few previews of patterns to come.  The first are the Stepmother & Stepdaughter matching shrugs that I made over the winter.  They will be the first of the “Lauren” series.  Lauren loves shrugs, loves amethyst and still loves to dress alike, so how could we not?  The time will soon come when that is not so cool any more ;)

The second is a swatch from the design I am working on at the moment for a summer cardigan.  A camera can not do the subtle colours justice, but it is an icy white-blue bamboo.  Sirdar Snuggly “White Whispers”, colour 192, if you are interested.  I bought it with some of my 30th birthday money from earlier this month.

Yes… married and 30, all in 10 days.  I age quickly!

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