Rouge Sheep on Lake Huron

And the Rouge Sheep progresses!

Where better to add a few rows, than a weekend on Lake Huron, in St. Joseph’s with my oldest friend, her husband and 1.5 babies, …and MY husband and stepdaughter.

Left front, and half of the right front is complete.  Knitpicks City Tweed HW is mysteriously enjoyable to knit.  Every time I pick this up, I forget how good it feels to make stitches with this yarn.  Most yarns take me a few minutes to get back in the groove.  Maybe it’s not such a mystery after all… Merino+Superfine Alpaca?  Sheer luxury.  I only hope it wears well after all this work.  Merino and Alpaca are not exactly hard-wearing despite it’s softness.

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