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Step1 now reads: “cast on 60 (68) sts” instead of 58(66)

Step3 now reads ”… then knit 1 row straight in C2. For larger size only: increase 2 sts evenly across the last row. New stitch count: 60 (66)”

Step5 now reads ”…Using C4 as foreground colour instead of C3. While knitting row 12, dec. 2 (1) sts evenly across this row. New stitch count 58 (65)


  1. Patti McKee

    I bought the kit in a new store in Cambridge. I am attempting to cast on using your pattern. The cast on is for either a 58 or 66 count. My problem is the k3, p1 doesn’t divide evenly into that either cast on number given.

    Can you help me please?

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