Next in the Lauren Series…

Remember the original post about the Back-to-School sweater, here?  Well here is the conclusion!  It was done just in time for the first few weeks of cold weather back in early October, much to my surprise.  I have a star trek marathon to thank for a lot of the knitting time:)  My husband and I decided the star trek marathon would be the best way to celebrate his birthday, and we both agreed it was the best birthday yet.

Link to the ravelry project is here, but here are some photos of the finished product and the process:

This sweater has already been washed and dried a few times.  As you can see, it’s holding up well.

In the end I decided not to use my fancy machine-stitched button holes.  I went down from 6.5 to 5.5mm needles for the button bands, and doing a simple buttonhole.  I made the bands thick enough and densely stitched enough so there would be no gaping.

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