New Pattern – Craigleith Jacket

Here at last.

To celebrate the release of Craigleith Jacket today, this pattern is 20% off when you buy it here, until midnight EST February 7th, 2016.


This is a tailored jacket knit in a soft, single-ply, aran-weight merino.  Complete specs are here, if you want to check your stash or go yarn shopping;)

One of the best advantages of being an independent designer is that I am not restricted by space and can layout my patterns as I choose.  So I take full advantage of this and make them as detailed and visual as possible.  Here’s a sneak peak, to show you what I mean:


And now observe The Big Bas‘ beautiful work…. I can finally show you the photos we took this autumn.




Here is some close-up on the detailing around the collar, cuffs, and ribbing:




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