Introducing the Havelock Pullover

After a long hiatus… I’m happy to be able to post about a recent new release.

The Havelock Pullover is a unisex sweater.  It is a classic, densely cabled, sweater.  Perfect man gift, as it has some modern touches for the modern man, such as:  The lack of ribbing or cuffs, a “casual” rolled edge on the neck, a semi set-in sleeve to avoid a droopy shoulder, and a subtle cable motif that will be timeless.

I’ve named it Havelock after one of my husband’s favourite places in Ontario, and this sweater was designed for him (pictured below.)  He wears it constantly instead of a coat.  The 100% Shetland wool was purchased from Camilla Valley Farms.  I highly recommend both the wool, and the store.  The yarn is light, lofty and durable.  Would you guess that the sweater in the photo has been worn to Scotland and back, and many months since?

Some of my favourite features include:
….The cable down the sleeve

…The rolled neck, and the cable motif for the centre panel of the front and back. It’s not knit the way you think it is. Buy the pattern and see for yourself ;)

$6.99 USD More Pattern Details and Photos

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