Introducing New Hand-Dyed Yarns

I am very pleased to announce that Galt House of Yarn is now selling Dawn Orchid hand-dyed yarns:)

I was talked into it by a good friend, or I would have never attempted it.  Now, 4 months later, I have 3 bases and 13 colours to share.  To see the bases and all the colours, click here.

Why Dye Yarn?

For 3 main reasons:

(1) There are colours in my head that I have been searching for for years, and I want them on BFL.  BFL is generally hard to find, and I’ve never succeeded in finding the exact colours I want, so as with all things… if I can’t find it – I’ll make it myself.  The stellina I dye because I like sparkly socks and I needed an excuse to dye bright colours.

(2) I actually do enjoy the process:)  Especially the colour design process.  Some day I’ll write about it here.

(3) I want BFL for fairisle, and I want to design the palette to the sweater – and not the sweater to the available palette.


What Do I Dye?

I’m specifically dyeing semi-solid colours in both jewel tones and muted colours.  There is a lot of variegated, kettle-dyed, and speckle available right now.  I wanted semi-solids – colours that are more interesting than solids, but still solid enough to be useful in many types of projects.

How Do I Dye?

Being an engineer for the past 13 years, has left me with a deep affinity to a scientific, repeatable process.  I can’t guarantee that every skein in a given colourway will be identical… That is the beauty of an artisan yarn after all!…. But can you tell which skeins below are from different dye lots?  Trick question. Each one is from a different dye lot;)  Colourway shown below is “Silver Peak” on the BFL Worsted base.

My Colours

Every colour on this website, represents something I love about living here in Ontario.  Over the coming weeks, I will post more about the story and photos behind each colour.  Colourways shown below are “Chicory” and “Stardust” on the Stellina base.



What’s Next?

Kits!! I’m extremely excited about this part.  I will be releasing patterns WITH yarns, in kits.  This is just the beginning.  Expect to see kits for everything for fairisle sweaters, to hats and mitts.  There is so much more to come, so keep an eye on this page and if you see anything you like here, you can buy it from Galt House of  Yarn… my exclusive and local retailer:)

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