Good End to a Good Summer

We had planned, for months, to spend the Labour day long weekend at Point Pelee National park.

We had a site booked at Wheatley Provincial Park (20 minutes from Pelee), and we packed up our canoe and Lauren’s new kayak.

Well sometimes the best laid plans… just don’t pan out.  For those of you who also braved the outdoors last weekend, you will know that it was 34C + 80% humidity.  My thin Canadian blood (built for cold, clean, sweater weather) tells me that that amount of heat and humidity is inhumane.  So instead of canoeing/kayaking/hiking the marshes of Point Pelee, we stuck our camping chairs in lake Erie, and did nothing but eat, drink, knit, chat, build fires, and star gaze.  I can’t say I’m all that disappointed with how it turned out.  And I was so happy to have a knitting accomplice with me this time.

The best memories are not always planned:)

If you’re wondering what that yarn is, in the photos above:  I am swatching a Frabjous Fibers Mad Hatter in “Sleeping Gryphon”.  My husband that picked it up from a yarn store in Florida called Sheep Thrills, as a surprise for me during one of his business trips this month.  He has excellent instincts.  The yarn is gorgeous and I can’t wait to start posting photos of the design I am working in it.

Maybe next month, we’ll get to Point Pelee…. It will still be there:)


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