My name is Shaulaine (Xiao Lan or ‘Dawn Orchid’ in Chinese.)

I am an engineer by trade (Engineering Physics 2004, McMaster) and I work in the defense industry.  I love my job but… I revere my yarn.  True story – I was actually caught knitting with screwdrivers at work, last year.

I started knitting in 2004, simply because there is something very hypnotic about forming stitches.  To this day, I couldn’t tell you exactly why.  Next, I discovered Fleece Artist, and all of a sudden, touching colourful fibre became a clinical addiction.  As many engineers will tell you, life is meant for optimizing.  So after I knit my first sweater, it was sheer compulsion to start modifying them to fit my shape and style.  This evolved eventually to:  “Let’s just start from a blank canvas, shall we?”

I have classical, old-fashioned tastes … probably born from a life-long adoring diet of Jane Austen, Dickens and Lucy Maud Montgomery books… But I also admit to a vain love of figure-flattering fabrics and construction.  If your tastes run in this vein as well, then hopefully you will find something you like on this site:)

I love to sew, embroider, and crochet as well, and nothing is more exciting to me than hybridizing some of these techniques with my primary love of knitting.  If this interests you as well, make sure you follow my blog as I am documenting some of my attempts.  I feel so unreasonably ingenious every time I succeed at something new, that I have to tell SOMEONE.  It had to be a website, because my patient husband listens to more than his share of my yarn soliloquys… every day.

I recently got married because I was under the impression that getting married would increase my cat quota.  I was wrong.  My quota is apparently still 2 cats.  It might be for the best, because… those cats don’t live in our house – we live in theirs.  One of them even carries skeins of wool up the stairs, while I am sleeping, and leaves them on my pillow for me to wake up to.

Being married also made me a stepmother.  I try not to be evil:)  My stepdaughter is the type of girl that makes it a pleasure to be a stepmother, so the world better be good to her.

When I’m not knitting, a lot of my spare time goes into my garden.  I don’t have my dad’s inspirational knack of composition (,) but digging, planting, cultivating and inspecting daily growth with a beer in hand, is equally hypnotic as knitting.  My beds are made up mostly of rare conifers, perennials (blue in particular:)), several species of japanese maple, and always, always… roses.  I always start the garden season with plans to operate in “maintenance” mode, but by April I will inevitably have dug up 3 new flower beds, laid out some rocks, and sometimes some new stone pathways.  I never mean to do it… it just sort of occurs as a by-product of acquiring 1 new plant and finding a spot for it.

I love to play my piano, I love my peaty single-malt soctches, and I love to canoe the very beautiful waters of this country.

And most of all, I love my husband:)… my husband is the one who makes life good.  It’s not about the cat quota after all.